Question for the PS Guru's - Digital Grey Card Action Help!

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Re: Question for the PS Guru's - Digital Grey Card Action Help!

To do what you want requires recording a mouse click in a Phtoshop action. Unfortunately, Photoshop won't do that. It may appear that it does, but not really.

When you record an action, add an adjustment layer, and click on some part of the image to set one of the adjustments, the results of that click are recorded, but not the click itself. In the case of Curves, the actual curve resulting from the click (gray eyedropper) is recorded. When you run this action on a new image, the actual curve calculated from the first image used to make the action is used, instead of being recalculated from the new image. But I guess you've already discovered that.

I remember long a go a thread discussing this problem in some forum. One person claimed he had solved the problem by writing a script that executed the Curves adjustment by performing a mouse click on the center of the image. And then included that script in an action that could be batched.

Unfortunately I didn't bookmark it and can't even remember what forum it was in. A short Google search didn't turn up anything. If you are really determined to do this, maybe look for a Photoshop scripting guru.

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