Why does tax reform never happen?

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Why does tax reform never happen?

Let's start with some statements most people agree on

1. The IRS is godawful and should die a fiery death in the pit of hell

2. When you tax something, there's less of it. Like income. Less income is bad.

3. Overconsumption in America is a problem. People buy more and spend more on vehicles, personal electronics, clothes, food, gas, energy, etc. than they can optimally benefit from.

4. The existence of entitlements like Medicare and Social Security is currently necessary because too many people haven't saved enough by the time they get old to comfortably retire and to afford private health insurance

I don't think these statements can even be considered controversial, let alone held by less than a majority.

So let's see, how can we address all of these issues?

1. Easy, abolish the IRS.

2. Stop taxing income.

3. Tax consumption, i.e. spending on retail and services. There will be less of it.

4. What do you do with your money if you don't spend it? You save/invest it. Then you don't need entitlements.

So to make it real simple, replace income tax with consumption tax -> people consume less and save more -> people can afford their own retirement and healthcare -> no more need for entitlements!

All you have to do then is cut military spending in half and BOOM, you've got a dominant world-class economy with lots of credit and no debt! How cool is that?

Wait, so how exactly is any of this ever going to happen?


You're welcome.

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