Fuji X10 and EF-20 flash?

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Mark H
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Highest 'synch speed'...

carsonbm wrote:

What is the fastest shutter speed that can be used with the flash?

I guess what you are really asking is..."what is the highest sync speed?".

The highest sync speed appears to possibly be 1/1000s.

On page 87 of the manual, in a section referring to 'External Flash', it says... "The flash may not fully light the subject at speeds faster than 1/1000s".

Based on that statement 1/1000s appears to be the suggested safe figure that 'should' allow the full 100% flash power/duration through.

In practise it often depends on the total flash power that is required for the exposure - and if the flash only needs to fire at say 50%, you might be able to get away with an even faster shutter speed than 1/1000s (but at your own risk).

A word of caution - not all flash units will behave exactly the same way - so if you are in any doubt, either practise first or stick to a safer lower shutter speed like 1/500s.

[Note: You do not need to set the 'External Flash' camera setting to 'ON' if using a 'Fujifilm flash' unit.]

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