OK ALL YOU full frame camera fanatics

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not a small gap

Check out the DXO mark rating between FF and M43. Nikon D800 = 91 overall, 2853 ISO equivalent Oly M5 = 71 overall, 826 ISO equivalent. 20 point difference. That's huge. A 3.5 to 1 difference.

Even the Nikon 5100 has a overall rating of 80, an equivalent ISO of 1183.

You think these are little numbers?

JoopN wrote:

This is totally nonsense, a lens is f/2.0 or not, on other systems its also f/2.0. The FF fanatics just trying to say that their systems are better because more light is falling on the pixel. If this is true, why is the cap between FF, APC and 4/3 so small?

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