A plea to Olympus: Exposure compenastion in manual mode on the E-M5 Locked

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Just do it the dirty way..

tjuster1 wrote:

Cripes this is not that hard.

EC deliberately over- or under-exposes the picture, compared to a "proper" exposure, as metered by the camera, which is created by a balance of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. It doesn't matter which variable--aperture, shutter speed, or ISO--is used to adjust the exposure to its "proper" value. IT DOESN'T MATTER. Exposure compensation is still needed in cases where the "proper" exposure isn't, in fact, optimal for a particular image. We all know when that can occur--very high-contrast scenes, for example, where one commonly needs to decrease exposure to avoid blowing out highlights. (And even the OM-D can blow out highlights, which can never be recovered.)

I wonder if 90% of the confusion in here is because people who only use Panasonic m43 cameras have never experienced the benefits of auto-ISO in M mode (a misnomer, I concede).

You can get what you want very easily : just use your wrist and point the camera in another direction, when you are happy with exposure, lock it with a half pressure of the shutter or the AEL/AFL button and reframe. If you aren't satisfied with the exposure try picking the light from elsewhere. This is a dirty, but very effective way to get exposure compensation. It works even with the matrix meter, not only with the spotmeter. Usually, when outdoor, the lower you point the camera, the more you are over exposing and the higher you point it, the more you are under exposing. Indoor, or by night, just look for artificial lights or shadows.

Of course this supposes that you have separated AEL from AFL and affected one to an Fn button and the other to the half shutter pressure. That your technique isn't limited to a single crushing of the shutter all the way down, but that focusing, metering, framing and shooting are all distinct steps when you take a picture.

Whether you are using the EC or the dirty way, you will have to make a visual assessment of you xposure or to rely on the shadows/highlights blinkies, so there isn't much difference. In fact I use this dirty trick quite often, even in aperture mode (my favorite shooting mode).

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