M4/3 vs APS-C

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Re: Not really, and there are other factors

jim stirling wrote:

TrapperJohn wrote:

The shallow DOF difference is negligible, to the point where it is more determined by the lens than the sensor.

The difference between APS { Sony} and mFT regarding DOF is .75 stop , while this doesn't sound huge the reality is to match a Nex F1.4 lens you need an F1 mFT lens. As you suggest the problem for Nex is lack of good native lenses. Like most of us here I played about with using older lenses on adapters with mFT and this would be the only thing that would make me ever consider a Nex as they work well for manual focusing. It is a pity that Sony do not have a better selection of lenses as it does disadvantage them.


Slowly slowly, some decent E-mount lenses are appearing for NEX. A new 10-18 and a stabilized 35mm 1.8 real soon. The 18-200 is good but very large. The 24 Zeiss is very good. More Zeiss lenses on the way.

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