Fujifilm cameras - what we don't want...

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Re: Fujifilm cameras - what we don't want...

( . . . still digging those 'Pelican Sunsets' from Oz, MM . . . . )

Kinda not in order:

1.  As frustrating as EXR can be, one thing they REALLY get right with it:  White balance in EXR Auto.  In my case, it never misses.  I have pics with daylight shining into a room otherwise lit with household lamps, and they're fine, even though I know you can't balance out two different color temps at the same time . . . . it sure looks like it does.  X10 guys like me that sweat eating up those little batteries have to remember that regardless of which focus mode you've selected on the front switch, EXR is always Continuous Focus.  I get good results in EXR, but not always, so I guess I'd say I'm not completely sold on it . . . . .

2. (and 4.)  Fujifilm certainly has the resources to not have to rush anything into production.  So I would say their internal processes between beginning design and boxing them up to ship them needs a harder and longer look interms of quality control and torture testing.

The X10 twist on/off zoom mechanism is a great idea in a novel, design sense.  However, even on my replacement X10 (Thank You!) it still never turns on each time, every time.  I had the occasional orb, but when you wear bifocals . . . . I see 'em anyway without a camera !  But the on/off really aggravates me more than that did.  So far, my XS has a very tiny bit of droop:  So, if it's not as sharp at 500 or 600mm, is it the lens design, or is it the droop?

The amazing thing is I like these two cameras so much, I just live with it.  Every camera I've ever owned always has something that's a little screwy, so whaddya do?

3.  The Panoramas work amazingly well for me.  I realize it's not as comprehensive as PP, but I'd don't do that, so for me it's great.

I believe Fuij has found quite a market for the X-Cams.  In a lot of product categories aside from cameras, there's quite the demand for stuff that 'looks old, works new'.  However, Fuji has used ALL of the goodwill they're going to get from the market.  There can be NO MORE 'shooting themselves in the foot' with the problems we've endured with these products.  They have bent over backwards to make things right, but it can't go on in the face of terrific competition in this exploding digital market.  And they REALLY need to get on board with a LightRoom, etc., for the RAW / PP / Professional / Enthusiast market.  SilkyPix is not going to do it for those guys.  All you need to do is flip through these FUJI threads and see just how many guys had one, sold it, and now have another brand for usually the same two or three reasons.

Fuji, I love these cameras, but you've got to quit giving those guys reasons to walk !

All the Best,


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