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Re: Does 6 fps in dx mode now

David314 wrote:

jfriend00 wrote:

David314 wrote:

I have never understood why the d800 is not at least 8 fps in dx mode

unless there is going to be a high fps dx camera in the near future, and if there isnt another 8 fps camera this next year I I don't know to think think about nikon....

I would guess it's because it costs significantly more to go 8fps than 5fps and that extra cost wasn't worth it just for adding a feature to DX mode only.

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Cnsidering the d700 did 8 fps and the d800 does 6 fps I wouldn't guess it was a huge Stretch

if nikon really wanted to kill the pro dx camera, the d800 has the features, focus pixels

the fps is only thing that keeps me reaching for my d300

Perhaps Nikon doesn't want to kill off the pro DX camera.

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