That's just a snapshot.

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Re: May I be brutally honest?


Some things can't be expressed in a photograph.  To say what you want to say about the old Strand Theater, you may have to use another medium - how about writing?  Write a story about how it's changed, but retained the magic in spite of that.  Maybe a small boy goes though the theater doors and into a time warp to experience the Saturday matinee the way it used to be.

If you want people to like your photos, then Great Bustard's advice is appropriate - find out what they like and give it to them. Sunsets are good - and flowers with bees.

But another approach is to follow your instincts.  Remember Vincent Van Gogh painted 900 works but only sold one in his lifetime. Remember Thelonius Monk, who couldn't get a gig because the club owner wanted music that people could dance to.

Here's a quote - it's about writing, but fits Photography well:

"​Write only what kicks you and keeps you overtime awake from sheer mad joy"  . . .  ​Jack Kerouac

Do some of your photos make you feel 'sheer mad joy'?   Those are the ones to work on.

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