Understanding monitor/printer profiles?

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Re: Final results.

Jeff Peterman wrote:

First, all the prints are a little darker than the image on my screen.

The prints are probably darker because your monitor is too bright. Setting the brightness very low is probably not optimal for the monitor. Instead, set it to a level that gives best results on the screen and make the jpegs that you send to the lab lighter after you have done all corrections. If you are using Lightroom, there is a function called Print Adjustment on the Print->Print Job tab. It was developed for exactly that purpose. I don't use PS anymore and I don't know if it is available in PS6. If not, it can be done via adjustment layers. You will need always the same amount of correction, so you can record it as an action for later use. There is a tutorial by Chris Orwig on Lynda.com that has some details on a method where he first prints a grayscale and then determines the exact values for black point and white point in Curves. If you are a subscriber, it is worth checking. If you are not, consider subscribing for a month anyway - there are some very nice tutorials.

Please note that you will not have perfect match between prints and screen if you put them side by side. Brightness of the paper is limited by its ability to reflect light and the color is limited by the YMC dyes in the paper. Besides that, your monitor's color temperature most likely does not match color temperature of the light source you use to illuminate the print and your prints may look warmer or cooler.

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