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Re: May I be brutally honest?

Great Bustard wrote:

brianj wrote:

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, but only if it tells a story, otherwise its worth no words.

I enjoy taking photos of the things I see around me, and sometimes show them on a forum, and as the forums have almost wound down to the point where there is no interest at all, I thought I would show a few images I took yesterday in the Samples and gallery forum, although I suspect that no one looks there anyway.

But one person took the time to give me genuine feedback which is very difficult to get, and it was that 'The images don't tell any story', and a few other things that you can read at the link. I want to thank the person because I tend to agree with the feedback, and it has got me thinking.

A few questions arise out of the feedback, I will try to do a brain dump here and see what others think:

Most of my picture taking when I am not on a trip or tour is purely for the sake of practice and most images would never be seen again.

I am seldom or never in a situation where a real jounalistic story unfolds, like the Prime Minister falling over, so there is no real story to tell.

Should I go to the trouble of putting people into all my images so I can manufacture an obvious story?

Should I not show any more images here because I don't have the opportunity to capture a good story?

Does everyone only see images with an apparent story as being of value?

Is it ok to just take photos just for the joy of using your camera, because that's what I do.

Should I not show anyone the images I take for fun because I know they tell no real story?

Please respond with your thoughts on this whole issue.


You are, of course, free to do as you please. However, when you share photos, you have to consider your audience. That is, why would they care about your photos at all?

Well, that's the thing -- different people care about different things. For example, cat people might love other people's cat photos. Bird people might love pictures of birds. And everyone loves pictures of lipstick lesbians going at it (even those that say they don't).

So, you can take photos of anything you like for any reasons you like. But don't be bummed if no one else cares. I'm always pleased when people like my photos, and always appreciate criticism. But if someone thinks a photo I like a lot sucks, well, that doesn't bother me a bit -- I'm not trying to sell them my photo.

However, for some, if not most, at least a part of their enjoyment of photography comes from others enjoying their photos. If that's the case with you, learn what they like, and adjust your photography accordingly. Say, I have a suggestion, how about pics of...

There is lots of good advise in this threads, and this one is no exception.

I have to face it, there is no huge movement for done over theaters, maybe I have to photograph brick walls or newspaper and rulers to get a real following.

P.S.  I like lesbian kissing too


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