Canon Pro9000 Mark II Best Printer settings?

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rpenmanparker wrote:

I meant to get this response in earlier right after the post it refers to appeared, but had a commitment I couldn't blow off.

Now I'm confused. At first you were saying that your monitor image and prints didn't match, so you had to reduce magenta in the printer to make them match, or at least to get decent looking prints. I am reading in your above post that you think the monitor and print match well, the print is just too red. Isn't the display image too red also? In any case what we are saying pretty simply is that the place to take the red out (or any other flaw) is in photo editing, not in the printer driver. If you can see the red and oversaturation on the monitor, you should correct it in your editor and see the preferred image on the display. If you can't see the flaw on the display, guess what, here we go again, it is because your monitor isn't showing you what is in the digital file of the image, i.e. it is not calibrated. Like I said above, calibration is done so that the digital file shows up correctly on the display. The fact that this will match the display image to the properly printed image is a corollary effect. So let me ask you the question this way: why don't you want to see exactly what is in your digital image files? No monitor is factory calibrated for faithful representation of the digital image. They are calibrated at the factory to be super bright and usually super blue, because that is what folks like to see. Too bad, but it makes good business for the colorimeter suppliers. Home calibration is the only way to KNOW that you are seeing the faithful reproduction of the digital file.

Lots of times in photography the "right" way to do something is not intuitive. The best example of this I can think regards poor photo composition, the nearly universal tendency of inexperienced photographers to shoot all pictures in landscape mode and to center the face of a subject in the exact center of the photo. I feel the issues we are discussing here are similar. You don't think you need to follow the work flow we have outlined, because you see some intuuitive shortcuts that appear to work for you and ring true to your inherent ideas of how the process should operate. You haven't seen the recommended procedures do their magic, so you have no idea how much they can help you. The shortcuts will not give you long term reproducibility of image quality and appearance. I hope you can be convinced of this, but I am reminded of my mother's sage advice: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." I'm happy if you're happy. As they say on the popular Dos Equiis beer commercials on tv these days about the world's most interesting man, "Stay thirsty, my friend!"


Thanks to you too Robert, i appreciate your input. $300+ dollars for this calibrating tool, WOW!! i am not a pro and do not get paid for anything, this is all just for fun, so for the moment i am skipping this expense, but will continue to look into it, it sounds very interesting.

It is a long story, i guess to make it short, all my prints were coming out VERY reddish, the reason was two things, the prints that i happened to be printing out were some that i took with LOTS of color and it looks like they were too saturated for skin tones, the second reason Magenta was too high, so i have lowered a bit and what i am simply doing now is RE-adjusting or decreasing saturation from photos that look too saturated on the monitor, there is nothing wrong with the monitor, the monitor does not look red. Is very simple.

I guess at the time i asked the question i wasn't familiar with this printer's settings to adjust the colors in the driver, but several people have guided me on what to do and everything seems to be normal now, BELIEVE me when i tell you that the photos that come out of the printer are gorgeous! Very very nice! I have printed stuff at Costco, Wallmart, Wallgreens, RiteAid and Samy's Camera with Samy's being the best but they still are no match with this Canon printer. Thanks again!

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