Confession of a Lazy JPG Snap Shooter

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Re: Say what?

Alan_S wrote:

Michel J wrote:

We don't talk about the skills of the photographer, this is completely out of topic


- correct brightness level, (hum.... NEVER touch this in-camera nor PP, look at the Iliah Borg workflow and so on, don't touch luninance chanel, because it's the reason why CIE lab exist... period)


- correct saturation, wow, this is not "professionnal photograpgy" this is Art (lol) this is TWO different things.

Really? Oh, you sure?

photography is a very simple thing: one exposure + one aperture) so you have everything,

No kidding? Geeez, didn't know that; wish someone had told me before! That's all there is to it?? Nice to know!

Yes. If you have skills. And of course a good light, you only need PP a few, (if so...)

- or anything else you’d like to add, Dennis is an artist!

I take it you don't consider photography an art form. I guess there's at least one thing we don't agree on.

one exposure + one aperture, this is THE key, only that,

Wow, that simple, huh? How enlightening.

No trial but skills believe me.

Kind Regards.

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Michel J

Is that about as bizarre as it gets, or what?

Well for someone who put me on their "ignore list" you read very well my posts... But by the wrong way, I guess.

First of all, except some sarcasm you don't provide any argument here. So what?

Sorry if I don't consider photography as an art, since for me everything is Art in the daily life, and I don't need to categorize any mode of expression to know that is nothing to do with a sort of technical limitation, such as shooting .raw nor .jpeg (excuse-me, but here is your contradiction, not mine)

But yes, by the way you consider Art, I can admit that SOME photographs are artistic, but it's subjective (you don't see my smileys ^^), when technic means technic only, and I don't want to confound with.

In the other hand, when I see people like you and Moimoi do the apologia of .raw, that tell to me the technical aspect for you, is coming before the artistic value (if not coming to be the goal itself).

But sorry, as you can see from my posts, I defend the idea that the technic is here to serve art, not the reverse. To my side, a better technical control would provide a better gap to all situation in PP to serve what you call "Art".

And sorry if for me a device don't define the artistic, poetic nor subliminal value... (or whatever)

Kind Regards,

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Michel J

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