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Re: He still hasn't...

tedolf wrote:

klauspauk wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

Where could i get:

small size camera like the E-PL5 with OMD IQ

Oly jpeg skin tones

tilt screen

EVF that tilts

great 20mm and 25mm primes

great 40-15- zoom

great docked flash

consistent AF

modular flexibility, take what you need

Fuji X-E1 is too large and AF is challenging. Sony NEX does not have an add on TTL flash. Nikon and Canon have no mirrorless with IQ. DSLRs are too large for casual occassions.

So I'm back to m4/3 with the E-PL5 and lenses!

I think your money is better spend with a good therapist..

posted any photo's.

Maybe he was bluffing?


after he bought the RX 100 he posted some nice point and shoot aquarium photos. He even disabled the flash !. After that it went downhill..

He is good for the economy, just another stupid consumer with more money than sense.

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