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yikes! don't impose your 'holy grail' on others: i'm still waiting for m43 to offer...

bofo777 wrote:

I own a E5 and 50mm macro, 14-35 and 35-100 and have great success in low light conditions with my SMALL sensor. The full frame fanatics scream out that my 2.0 is really around 4.0 on their fabulous cameras(a whole 1.5 of badness). I am thinking on buying a Lieca D Summilux f1.4. for my sub par (according to DPREVIEW) E5 but what does it mean--will the f1.4 finally be the same or one half stop away from the full frame 2.8 HOLY GRAIL. Oh my God I can't take it. AMEN

yikes! don't impose your 'holy grail' on others: i'm still waiting for m43 to offer... a lens that is at least 'equivalent' in DOF and FOV, never mind EV f-value for equivalent light (which is the easiest part to do), to wit, the difficulty remains tricky, and this is in the lens...:

12mm f/0.7 on m43 (equivalent to my favorite 24 f/1.4 prime on my FF) [non-existent on m43]

12-35mm 'constant' f1.4 on m43 (equivalent to a 24-70 f/2.8 wide zoom on a FF) [non-existent on m43]

ideally, these lenses be 'compact' to live up to 43d (hardly ever) or m43 compactness

[the new m43 12mm prime f2.0 (24 f4.0) is nowhere near f1.4...]
[the newer m43 12-50 f3.5-6.3 (24-100 f7.0-12.6) doesn't come close to f2.8 either]
[unlike the old hefty 43d 12-60 f2.8-4.0 (24-120 f5.6-8.0) never came close to f2.8]

i'm still waiting... and waiting, and waiting...

(and, no, the old bulky 890g E3 , never impressed, nor the 800g E3, is hardly 'compact' either; when compared to my current 850g 5DMkII... [it makes allowing FF an excuse to get heavier 950g 5DMkIII just to stay ahead of 43d 'bulk'])... now we have a 770g 6D... making even the 43d E-5 'bulky' leader... [why even have a massive OVERLAP, when there should be NONE in the first place?]

if an m43 sensor is 1/4 the area (half the lengths) of a FF, well by golly, the mass/volume of an m43 should ALWAYS be a FRACTION of ANY FF system... that's my expectations of a small sensor SUPPOSEDLY SIGNIFICANTLY more compact 'interchangeable lens' system... [WITH EQUIVALENCIES ALL ROUND INTACT... well, it's not going to happen, will it? SURELY, it's not impossible, even if DESIRED???]

surely f0.7 is preferable to f2.0? [on m43 primes?]
surely f1.4 is preferable to f3.5? [on m43 zooms?]

well, we know, to do so, conflicts with 'compactness'... so, one has to accept higher minimal shallow dof no matter what... and this isn't so far off from digicam sensors [given 43d sensor size format came from them in the first place]

right now, one can get a prosumer digicam PowerShot (G1X) with a larger sensor, and a 'limited' not so fast lens, and compromise of 'slower' AF since it isn't a fancy 'interchangeable lens'...

PowerShot G1X ['digicam P&S' as reference]:
1.5" Sensor Digicam LENS RESTRICTION:
15.1-60.4mm f2.8-5.8 (28-112mm f5.2-10.8)
1.5" Sensor Digicam LENS RESTRICTION: 15.1-59.3mm f2.8-5.6 (28-110mm f5.2-10.4)
1.5" Sensor Digicam LENS RESTRICTION: 15.1-45.8mm f2.8-5.6 (28-85mm f5.2-10.4)
1.5" Sensor Digicam LENS RESTRICTION: 15.1-27.0mm f2.8-4.5 (28-50mm f5.2-9.0)
1.5" Sensor Digicam LENS RESTRICTION: 15.1-18.9mm f2.8-3.5 (28-35mm f5.2-7.0)

, closest LENS ALTERNATIVE: 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 (28-84mm f7.0-11.2)... gee, a slower lens?
43d, closest LENS ALTERNATIVE: 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 (28-108mm f5.6-7.0)... gee, just the lens is barely faster only on the tele end, but still slower on the wide end, and it is almost as heavy as an entire digicam... whew... did it improve by much for m43? yeah... it got smaller AND SLOWER (on the wide end, when the OPPOSITE should have been true)...

let's just hope the m43 IQ is at least better than a mere fixed lens P&S digicam...

Well, gee... a mere fixed lens P&S digicam seems to be faring well with FF dSLRs...
IMAGE Example @ ISO 6400  [max for E-5]... at least the m43 OM-D EM-5 can keep up... or exceed a digicam (no, duh, of course)... but hardly come close to FF in 'low light:
if one wants to make comparisons, make it at least the 'same target', same FOV (composition), same distance, same perspective, and same lighting [same ISO, one for one]... and scrutinizes specifics, as 'best as possible', and not resort to generalizations... [come with your best lens available for the given 'same target' task]

i don't expect smaller sensors to match larger sensors for IQ (lens flexibility and options notwithstanding), and the outcome is exactly as expected.

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