NEX-6 Possibly the best NEX so far..

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Re: NEX-6 Possibly the best NEX so far..

viking79 wrote:

novak977 wrote:

well if you want to uuse 16-50 as 13-50 then you do get vignetting and distortion.

It doesn't even cover the sensor at 16mm, it really is an 18 or 20 to 50mm lens. It is pretty good at that.

I don't think it's intended to be used without software correction, so you never see that it doesn't even cover the sensor.

Automated jpeg correction or simple LR profile for RAW gives you what the lens is suppoedst to deliver - a nice 16mm wide photo.

Nice like the 16mm f/2.8 is nice.

It is nice.  It's also the cheapest Sony-made Nex lens, and compact, and really sharp in the center, so it has good points.  It's not perfect, but it has a reasonable set of tradeoffs.  Used with software correction, it produces darned fine results.  If you're put off by the soft-corners-at-wide-apertures, then I guess it's not so nice, but I kind of like it.

People should stop looking into uncorrected 13mm RAW file and judge!

RX100 or most Olymus lensed have similar or worse distortion and noone even knows because with those cameras distortion correction formula is embeded in the RAW and automatically picked up by LightRoom or similar software so people are even unaware of it.

I like the post from someone who was going to get rid of the 16-50 and get the RX100, because they didn't like the idea of software correction.  Whoops!

At least the Olympus lens covers the sensor with the distortion.

Can you be sure?  Have you seen a photo from it without software correction?  

I like the fact that my kit can shoot 13mm as I might leave it like hat in some cases or correct it to great 16mm most of the times

It is like shooting with a smaller sensor lens on the NEX. You can do it, but expect extreme softness, vignetting, and chromatic aberrations at the edges.

The lens is fine, but really should be marked as a 20-50mm lens and it would be a superb one.

If that's the case, then that's good to know.  The 18-55 is not great at 18mm itself, although not nearly as bad as the uncorrected 16-50.


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