Sony A57 AF points and moving them

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Re: Sony A57 AF points and moving them

You have a few options.

1. If you set the AF Area to Local, you can move the focus spot manually around the 15 points by pressing the AF button on the thumb pad, and using the 4 direction pad to move the points around.

2. Setting to Spot means the camera will only focus on objects directly in the centre square.

3. Set to Zone and you can move the focus points from left (4 points) , centre (5 points) or right (4 points) in the same manner as option 1. You cannot however set which points in each zone the camera will focus on. It will choose the strongest.

4. Set to Wide and the camera will choose what it wants to focus on automatically.

Typically I use either Area or Zone depending on what I am shooting.

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