New patent from Nikon (55-300 f:2.8-4)

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Re: You better don't hold your breath

brunobarolo wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Often but not always a new lens arrives about 15 months after these patents get published.

Actually not too often.

Otherwise we could already buy a new 80-400 with AF-S, or a 100-400, or even a 200-500 f4-5.6.

All of them were patented by Nikon within the last few years. None of them is for sale today.

That 55-300 is just the next one in a long row of Nikon patents. We shouldn't hold our breath that it will ever materialise as a lens we can buy.

Indeed the 55-300 patent was filed twice, in 2011 and in 2012. AFAIK there's a slight change in the number of lens elements between the 2 patents (can't speak for the rest of the details). One possibility might well be the 2012 version making changes to cater for "next generation VR" ??

As for the large number of patents filed on telephoto zooms in the last couple years, I wonder if

1) there was an internal competition going on, and only the best design survives, or

2) After testing those protoypes on the high resolution sensor of the D800/E, some of the early designs got dispatched back to the drawing board for further improvement, or

3) They are actually ready for production. Nikon just hold their card until Canon release an update to their equally old 100-400L, or until a credible threat from Sigma/Tokina/Tamron shows up. The fact that Nikon's very own 70-200/4 saw the light shortly after Tokina announced their 70-200/4 was rather telling. If that's the case apparently Nikon doesn't see the Sigma 50-500/150-500/120-400 as a serious threat.

4) The Tsunami and Earthquake disrupted lens production more than we know.

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