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The A-Team wrote:

I find these threads about film on a digital photography website to be interesting, in the sense of being like people around the turn of last century defending travel on a horse versus using those newfangled automobiles, but for those who enjoy using film, I'm happy for them. It's good to have things you enjoy. Personally, I had enough of using film decades ago and don't miss anything about it. To each their own. Nothing wrong with liking either.

I'm getting more into film lately. Sorry if this is not "digital"....

Anyway, I assume from this that your survey is directed at people who have used only digital but are giving film a try. That's good experience if one is interested in doing that. My comments below are from the perspective of someone with long film experience who switched to digital and happily never looked back.

  • Do you shoot film?

Not since 1999

  • Which film camera(s) do you shoot with?

None. 35mm, MF, 4x5 all long gone.

  • Do you shoot film professionally at all?

No longer. 100% digital, but am also retired so no longer shoot professionally with either film or digital.

  • How has film changed your photography?

Shooting film eventually killed my interest in shooting photography for pleasure. Digital reignited that interest.

  • How would you describe the difference between film and digital?

With the exception of large format's high resolution, almost everything else about film is limited compared to the current state of digital technology. I can see how someone who never shot film could be curious about it and might even enjoy it and there will always be diehards who refuse to give it up no matter what and that's all fine, but for all practical purposes film is dying and within a few years will be completely dead except for a small percentage of special interest applications, kind of like people who enjoy horseback riding compared to the number of people who get around in automobiles.

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