1D: how to paint it?

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Re: What I do.

just fyi.. i just had my cam in to the canon svc center

and yeah, i "use" my gear - i really do try to take care of it (i LOVE my gear!) - but y'know.. "stuff happens"

so i've got a few battle scars

and yeah - they're worn with pride B)

but when i was there i asked them if they could buff the marks out or anything.. and they said the cameras are finished with a powder - and there really wasn't a way to re-apply it

so, basically... i was told "no"

i've read this entire thread --- the tester's paint idea is a nice find - and so is the pebeo paint

maybe i'll try this approach one day

on the other hand... maybe wearing this thing down to the shiny metal underneath in parts due to usage is more appealing!

after 5 years of heavy use.. why not! :))

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