Are you worried about the D800's build quality?

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Re: Are you worried about the D800's build quality?

primeshooter wrote:

Mine is off at Nikon for repair - broken 10 pin socket ala pictures already seen on this site and a few others.

I know many of you upgrade every 4 years; I was hoping I could take this body further than that this time given what it has under the hood but something is niggling at me that it might not happen. I seriously hope I can but can't shake the feeling at present. Whilst it is off being repaired I asked Nikon UK if they had seen the issue before which they said they had not (fair enough). They said they would return it to factory spec which I was slightly worried about because if they repair this issue and it has an inherent design flaw returning it to spec just may mean it breaks again I will have zero confidence in this otherwise brilliant camera. I shot the D700 for over 4 years, not a single issue, worked every time, never as much as a stutter or incline of a failure. So far I've had a battery issue and now this daft 10 pin socket issue which suddenly happened to me out in the field.

Compared to the 700 - does this feel as well built to you - generally looking it over it seems okay to me but certain things not as good as the 700 perhaps? I seriously love this camera in principal but my confidence is shaken in it's build. I do appreciate manufacturing processes have bad units and some components just fail but I am wondering if it may reveal itself in the future to be severely lacking - but only in some silly areas such as this remote connection to the board behind it. I think that many more 10 pin terminals are waiting to fail but many don't use them.

I should summarize by saying of course, if you upgrade every 4 years you probably are not concerned re build quality; but it's not the point.

I hope it comes back fixed and I have no other problems, just needed to vent a little.

I remember when the D700 came out, people were worried that it would stand up to the D300/200 build quality. It did. No I'm not worried, but I do feel that Nikon have really begun cheapening things in order to become the biggest camera maker.

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Advice/criticism/appreciation appreciated!

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