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Yea rigghhttt, but I have NOT seen one single side by side comparisons of the G15 being better than the P7700 yet. But, I have seen many comparisons on many sites showing superior IQ and sharpness of the P7700. So unless anyone can show proof that the G15 beats the P7700 in either JPEG or RAW, it is just a bunch of BS and their personal biased unproven opinion. I just want all the Canon fanboyz to stop telling everyone the G15 is better than the P7700, unless they can conclusively show what they claim! As far as I am concerned, unless and or until I see a comparison that shows the G15 is better, I have proven my point, period! If you cannot show the G15 is better, please do not reply to this post, thank you. If you do reply to this email without any conclusive proof, you are just another fanboy and I am getting tired of the same old nonsense without any substantiation.

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