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Re: White balance doesn't affect exposure

Graystar wrote:

I would say that you’re failing to differentiate between the “normal” (or “as designed”) photographic process with technique. For example, a common piece of advice for sunset shots is to set Daylight WB. That’s a technique.

I don't want to beat this to death, but you make some interesting points. Is a camera designed to render the WB accurately, or corrected to be neutral? I don't know that I'd agree that it is "normal" to always (or even the majority of the time) try to achieve a neutral WB. I would argue that setting the WB for neutrality is a "technique" as much as not doing so. Given that AWB is designed to do just that, however, I will agree that neutral WB is "as designed." Semantics aside, I think the point of considering all of this is that it's helpful to understand that WB settings are just a tool, and it's perfectly ok to use them other than "as designed."

What started all of this, of course, is the observation that WB settings will affect the histogram, often causing it to be significantly inaccurate. That can/should affect your exposure decisions.

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