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Re: They had one camera....

Leo360 wrote:

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

I completely agree that some cameras were oiled more liberally than others at the factory, and the time it takes for the oil to clear seems to vary case by case, with the odd one probably requiring replacement. Sounds to me just like every other consumer product. One poster today claims to have fixed the oil issue in 1 hour with a bunch of rapid fire shooting followed by a sensor clean.

It's easy to look past all the people who have perfect, oil-free D600's, as well. Everyone seems to ignore that.

Anyways, I am not interested in arguing, it seems we are beating a dead horse here.

Actually I am not that concerned with the over lubricated shutter. After all, oil will be over at some point. I am more concerned that there have been some indications that it might be particles of the paint or plastic chipping off while mechanical components rub against each other. The dust and particulates generated this way will not go away with time. And this is my problem. If you tell me that oil/dust will be over after 3000 shutter actuations and 3 wet cleanings I will consider this a minor issue all together. But so far the jury is still out.


I think we need more information before any conclusion can be made on the "scratch" some people seem to have.  No reputable review sites have reported anything of the sort (that I have seen), and I have seen only a handful of people claiming that their D600 has this mark.  My D600 doesn't have the mark.  At this point, it is an isolated issue at best, and we have absolutely no way of knowing if those users did the damage themselves, unintentionally and/or unknowingly.  Even the people who claimed it was there from new has no way of knowing if someone had returned the camera before them, the boxes and bags have no seals on them.  It may have been taken out of the box and viewed by a previous customer who chose not to buy.  There are any number of things that can't be completely ruled out.  We simply need more information, that's all.

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