How do I get better Autofocus?

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This is getting way too complicated....

Dc5e wrote:

saywhathomie wrote:

Could i use a combination of MF and AF?

As in, use MF with a 6.5 aperture to focus, then switch to area AF for actual recording?

If I do it right, I should be able to move around 4-5 all around right? I shoot 12-16 inches from the lens and move the product close up constantly.

There should be 3 modes of focusing in videos: MF, AF, and Continuous AF.

Using Continuous AF will try to keep whatever is in the focus box in focus. This can give an amateurish look as the camera may constantly try to refocus if it thinks it's out of focus.

AF mode with Continuous AF turned off will allow the camera to autofocus whenever you half-press the shutter button.

MF mode requires you to move the focus ring on the lens to focus. If your camera is set up on a tripod, this can be hard to do without shaking the camera. It can also be difficult to quickly and accurately focus to a precise spot due to focus-by-wire.

Your best bet would be to stick with AF with continuous AF turned off and press the shutter button whenever you need to refocus (If pushing the shutter button causes shake, you could try using a remote shutter). The 14mm also cannot focus on anything closer than 7 inches, so if you hold anything closer than that, it'll just fail to focus on anything.

I would also recommend setting up as many lights as you can and setting the aperture the smallest (large F number) you can go (while keeping proper exposure) to get the most Depth of Field.

Just set the camera to F8, maybe F11 if you have enough light or use a video light.  Set the camera on manual focus.  Focus on something about two feet from the lens.  Leave it alone.  Everythig wiil be in foucs from about 1 foot to five feet.  Check a DOF table for exact numbers.  If you are going to need a super close up-closer than about one foot, you are going need a camera man.


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