2013 Camera Trend

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Re: 2013 Camera Trend

Rod McD wrote:

I'd suggest that there is more than one trend now and that there will be more than one trend next year and every other year. There are many evolving market segments. They've all shifted this year - why not next year?

  • Improved small sensor compacts - often with faster lenses (eg G15, P7700, etc)
  • Larger sensor compacts (G1X, RX100, RX1, etc)
  • Longer superzooms (Fuji, Canon, Lumix)
  • More and improved CSC/MILCs (EOS M, Nikon V, Fuji X, NEX, NX, etc)
  • Cheaper FF (6D, D600, A99)

Don't include the a99 since that price is right around where the a900 was.  So if you consider the a850 then Sony actually raised their 35mm prices so that should not be put in a "cheaper" 35mm list.

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