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The problem is not with the processor or the sensor (well it is too small for the camera), it is with the quality of the lens itself. The marketing team won over the engineers again. The engineers said: “we can either make a very high quality, sharp lens (like the P7700), OR, we can make a very fast low quality lens” that will produce blurry images. Since it was cheaper to make a faster lens than a high quality lens, and since “fast lens” is the new buzz word, the marketing team won. Now what you have is very blurry images in both JPEG and RAW, and there is nothing that can be done about it. The lens in the G10/G11/G12 was not as fast as the G15, but they were much higher quality and enabled very high resolution for each of those sensors. It does not matter how much post processing or shooting in RAW that can help anyone now. My suggestion would be if you want really sharp images and a MUCHbetter reach, return the G15 ASAP and get a P7700 quick! If you have not purchased the G15 yet, you should really think twice about it. if you have not already seen all the super soft images in both JPEG and RAW

Very Blurry Images??? ....NOT with my G15!!!

Do I see correctly that photo you posted is downsized from original to 50% in each direction?! If yes how do you expect us to take your statement seriously when evaluating sharpness after downsizing is grossly misleading (downsizing increases sharpness)?

OK, here ya go!! This is straight out of the G15 JPEG. Still not seeing "Very Blurry Images"! And by your reaction I see you also didn't think the 50% reduction I did in PS was "Blurry", otherwise you wouldn't have asked to see the original image.

You ae jumping to assumptions and trying to put words in my mouth. I asked to see original image not because I felt 50% reduction was sharp (I didn't feel it was sharp) but because I feel posting reduced images is misleading and that sharpness should never be judged on anything that is downsized.

You can complain about the G15 all you want, but you'll never convince me that it's images are blurry.

And you can post your images as much as you want but you will never convince me shots from two copies I tried were sharp What was the reason for it, Canon quality control or G15? I don't know and I don't care, all I care is that they were bad. And if it happened to me on two random copies in a row it can happen to anybody. Who is to tell is your copy rule and my copies were exception, or it's other way around? Nobody. All I know is that between two of us bad copies of G15 outnubered good ones at 2 to 1

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