buy a wedding lens for sony a57

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Re: buy a wedding lens for sony a57

compositor20 wrote:

Hello My wife has a sony a57 and I have access to a Sony a55 and I´m thinking in starting to photograph weddings but I don´t have any good lenses, I have Olympus e-p1 and Olympus e-pl1 too for backup + 14-150mm f4-5.6, panasonic lumix 20mm f1.7 and canon nFD 50mm f1.4 and a fl-36r flash).

She has 18-55 kit lens nadf a 28-80 3.5-5.6 minolta lens with lots of purple fringing and ghosting (spherical aberrations) at the long end.

Im torn between some lenses and since We are doing modeling test sessions we would like to have a good lens that defocus background but without paying too much money for a 70-200 f2.8 lens or a sigma 85mm f1.4 AF lens because my wife doesn´t want to invest and I already bought all the other material so I won´t be financing it!

I think I will buy Tamron 17-50 but I´m affraid it wont have enough background blur for half body shots, let alone full body, so im thinking about 85mm f1.4 from samyang/rokinon but its MF and I would like to know how do you use it and if it has good performance wide open and if focus peaking is accurate enough for full body shots at f1.4/f2 and for half body and head and shoulders at f2.8-f4.

Im worried about have a too short focal lenght and that if we don´t go forward with the idea of doing weddings she would have a lens with not enough reach since she used to carry my 14-150mm lens in m43 (28-300 equiv.) and she used quit often the mid and long range compared to me. So I was thinking about CZ 16-80 3.5-4.5 used or a new Sigma 17-70 f4 OS but I´m not sure if f4 will be really needed and if its sharp at the long end... othe option could be a sigma 24-70 f2.8 or a 24-135mm sigma 2.8-4 but there is not much info about them and their quality wide open.

Thinking about 75-200 sigma 2.8-3.5 but they dont appear much in ebay and I think a tamron 70-200 f2.8 would be very heavy for her since she will be the main photographer since I will take candids or different perspective and setup/hold reflectors and or lights and will do video.

We already have taken a traingin session and she is really good at framing (IMHO), we tested good poses and have already good use of natural light outdoors in many shots so the thing that our photos needed is subject separation from background and my canon 50mm f1.4 shot at f2 is +- satisfactory at that but its manual focus and without peaking we had lots of missing shots... however Sony a57 face detections seems to have some problem since many shots don´t focus in the face and that at f5.6 (with a f2.8 lens used at 50mm and 2.8 it would be much more noticeable), so I would like that someone posts shots done with 50mm at 2.8 with aps-c camera bodys please..

Thank you.

Hello, you are the perfect person to photograph my wedding.

I am looking to hire someone who does not know what they are doing to practise theirs craft at my wedding.

I will pay you lots of money to attend my expensive wedding with your amateur camera and lenses.

Maybe your wife can go to the Gymnasium before the wedding and do some exercise so she can build up her muscles so she can hold the Tamron 700-200 properly and take some in focus photographs?

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Photography is fun!

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