Nikon J1 or V1 need your advise.

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Re: Nikon J1 or V1 need your advise.

I choose the V1 because of:

1. The viewfinder. It's a great travel camera but I live in Arizona and the sun is usually shining really bright! A viewfinder is a must for me now.

2. Mechanical Shutter. The only real advantage to this is the faster flash sync speed (1/250th compared to 1/60th with electrical shutter only) but I've found it to be really useful when trying to tone down ambient light.

3. Battery life. The V1's huge battery is pretty amazing, sometimes I forget that the thing runs on a battery! I've read that the J1's isn't so great and actually drains quicker than most comparable cameras. This is easily solved with an additional battery but I saved the expense and it's one less thing I have to carry with the V1.

The V1's LCD is slightly better than J1's, but I think it's the same as the J2's so nothing really to note there. Hope this helps!

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