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Re: A plea to Olympus: Exposure compenastion in manual mode on the E-M5

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You can set shutter speed + aperture...then allow the iso to float for "correct exposure". Having exposure compensation in M-mode allows you to darken or lighten the images (ex: in a back-lit photo). If you use exposure compensation in any mode, you know why it's needed.

But when you fix the ISOs and change that parameter instead of letting it float, you get the same results as with an exposure compensation dial ! Since one wheel will be for shutter and the other for aperture, you will still have to press an Fn button to get to the exposure compensation parameter. I don't see how that can be any different than the actual situation.

You can assign EC to one of the arrow buttons, for instance. One press on the button and you control EC with left and right arrow button. It's more convenient, and as I've explained to you before it lets you keep the EC constant for every scene, wheres if you manually select the ISO you would have to change it more.

But :

1) you can affect ISO to a button too.

2) if you want to keep the EC constant in a scene, then why not use ISO directly ?

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