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Mark H
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X10 sensor 'streak'...

Jostian wrote:

taken in dark with lens cap on (slightly enhanced to show streak).

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An extreme 'levels adjustment' reveals more widespread streaking (albeit of much lower severity)...

(Extreme 'levels' adjusted) almost looks as if the sensor has been physically 'scrubbed'.

The reason I suggested the 'dark frame' test, was because I had recently returned an X10 due to a very similar issue, although of a much lesser degree than yours.

The problem on the X10 was pretty much invisible in normal use - I only noticed it while doing some noise testing/measurements.

The 'streak' on the X10 sensor produced a 'very slight dark streak' in a light subject/background, but conversely a 'very slight light/increased noise streak' in a 'dark frame' (no light).

N.B. Both the frames below are quite heavily adjusted (especially the dark frame), to make the 'streak' more clearly visible, it is just about invisible in a normal unadjusted image...

X10 sensor streak in light background

X10 sensor streak in 'dark frame' (no light)

P.S. My advice to anyone thinking of testing their XS-1 or X10 for similar sensor streaks - it really is probably best not to - if you are otherwise happy with your camera, it's probably better not to go looking for problems.

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