video card for ~100€ (RADEON or Nvidia)??

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Richard wrote:

Rebel04 wrote:

Richard wrote:

Rebel04 wrote:

thank you Pictus!

I thought that with a better card, I could get a ''higher speed'' using filters (like NikSoftware filters)

thanks again

Yes, there are some filters that support GPU acceleration but you do need a faster card.


thank you

so, in your opinion, I need a card like ASUS GeForce GTX 550 or SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7770 instead my Sapphire HD6450 ...or aren't these card fast?

It don't look at a video card for one application. A computer, at least mine, does multiple things. I know some other programs use cuda cores from nvidia, and their software does not use the ATI, so I would always choose an Nvidia.

I think the GTX550 is faster although if gaming I would research it more because it seems texture processing seems faster for gaming. But you are looking for processing

I think this card is more comparable, core speed is a little slower but memory speed and bandwith is much higher. Similar cards though, 10 dollars less at newegg and I like EVGA utils and support, 3 year warranty, overclockable.

Though the HD7770 and this card are similar again, some apps work with cuda cores only. But if all your apps work with the ATI gpu acceration then you could choose either and be happy.

Again, how much will this help out? I would purchase an SSD drive before upgrading the graphics processor, but that is my opinion.

thanx again Richard!

I only use my pc for photoediting (and internet). For photoediting I use Adobe Bridge - Adobe Ps (CS6) and some filters (=NikSoftare and Topaz). I don't use other programs. With my card my pc works fine, photoshop is quite fast but I notice slowdowns with Niksoftware filters.

My doubt is, if a card (a card of about 120$, not an expensive card...) better than mine (HD6450), photoshop but especially filters could run faster. Or are GTX550/HD7770 similar to HD6450 working in photoshop and Niksoftware filters?

(excuse me for my bad english)

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