S100 Lens Error - then Unusual Clunking Noise

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Re: S100 Lens Error - then Unusual Clunking Noise

FYI, I received my S100 from Canon today (was received by the retail store yesterday)  They replaced the entire optical assembly under warranty (mine is within the serial numbers for the "lens error" problem) and it seems to be operating smoothly.  Will post if my tests detect any issues, but seems to operate like new.  Pleased that they could repair it and return to me within a week.

wildplaces wrote:

Well, I was out in the Red Rocks desert shooting some mountaineering guides participating in their "Guide Olympics" and suddenly I saw the dreaded "lens error" message on my S100. I found that the camera functioned normally otherwise, but I would get the "lens error" msg and the camera would shut down if I tried to zoom beyond the widest wide angle setting. After using the camera at its wide setting for the rest of my 2 week trip, on returning home, I found that the camera would zoom again, but had an unusual clunking noise when zooming out from a telephoto position. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I brought it into my local camera store and asked them to have Canon look at it under warranty (it's less than a year since I bought it.) They felt it might be a grain of sand that worked its way into the mechanism...there was blowing sand in the desert, but I was careful to shield the camera from it and put it back in the case when not in use.)

If any of you have had any similar experience with the S100, please let me know. In the meantime, it's back to my 40D while I await word from Canon! Otherwise, the S100 was perfect for a business trip, inspections of client sites, people shots, landscapes, etc. Due to work and pressures from lack of power and low fuel for my generator here in NY, I haven't had a chance to edit the 400 or so photos yet...Canon is located near the worst-hit area of coastal NJ, so it could possibly be a long wait for their verdict, unless some other repair facilities are taking up the slack.

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