When will Nikon upgrade the D4's sensor ?

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Grevture wrote:
But I doubt such a high MP camera (in Nikons case) will be in the form of a D4X - much rather a D800X.

Since the D1, Nikon always put their best low light sensor and their best high resolution sensor in their best body. What makes you think they will break the pattern after 13 years? Nikon puts a hefty premium on their best sensors, but in return they give you the best camera they are able to build at the time, which includes their best body.

D800x: As far as I know, there's only ever been one single x-camera outside the pro line, the D40x back in 2007, which doesn't mean that there won't be a D800x, but it is very very unlikely.

What's more: once the D7200 and D4x have been released, Nikon's whole lineup will be current and pretty much perfect, covering everything with no camera older than one year. Nikon really is on a high.

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