Is Canon S100/S110 still the best in its category?

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Re: Pocket lint no problem

panamforeman wrote:

I never wash a pair of Levis. Buy 'em new and wear 'em till they wear out. Washing Levis ruins 'em and makes 'em fade.

When I was a kid, the first thing we did was wash our Levis a gazillion times. We wanted them faded. We also cut off the bottoms so they would fray; and cut holes near the knee, etc. Since those times, you can buy jeans in whatever style you want.

Before that, we'd sit in a hot tub of water with our jeans on so the jeans would shrink tight. Honestly! LOL, I hadn't thought about this for a long time.

Well, at least I still don't wear "bobby socks but, if I did, I'd wash them more than once a year."

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