A99 - Class 10 UHS-I ?

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Re: The big advantage to 90MB/s write speed is...

I have the Extreme Pro w/ 90MB/s write speed on my a77.  And, yes, there is with it around a one-and-a-half second delay (shooting RAW) between when the picture is taken and when I can review it by pushing the "review" button on the back.  However, I have the a77 set up to give me an automatic 2-second review of the picture I just took, which appears (following FW 1.05) virtually instantaneously.  And if I want to take another picture, rather than wait for that 2-second review to finish, I can get back to live view, again instantaneously, by touching the shutter button.  I didn't think I'd like the feature, but, after using it for a while, I do; you might give it a try.

Don't know why the automatic review shows up virtually instantaneously, while the "push the button" review won't show up until the red "write" light goes off, since both are showing the JPEG version (even in RAW only shooting), but that's the way my a77 performs.

Again, if the issue is how long the write light (red) is on following a single exposure, on my a77, with the Extreme Pro, it is between one and two seconds (RAW).  I don't have another card to compare that to--but from what I've read, on almost all other write features, the 90MB/s is, indeed, faster than the 45MB/s, indicating that it hasn't exceeded the processing speed of the a77.

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