Dramatic Tone filter vs. Lightroom [image comparison]

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Re: Update: prints arrived

rkeller wrote:

rkeller wrote:

I had a recent order for a large print (24x32") as part of a multi-print installation in a client's home.

Update: the MetalPrints arrived today from Bay Photo.

The 24x32" photo was up-rezzed in Lightroom to 300 pixels per inch from the 138 pixels per inch native 16MB file from the E-M5 (minus slight cropping). Even at a viewing distance of 12 inches, things look very sharp and detailed. At a reasonable viewing distance of 3 to 5 feet it's great.

Also noted: the processing does not look overly contrasty in the print - the tonal transitions are very smooth and the scene has a natural feel.

While the MetalPrints are very pricey, they are a nice way to present work and don't require any framing or glazing. I ordered the "White Satin" finish ("smooth, very even and soft appearance. Great for portraits, weddings and if surface reflection is a concern.") rather than the glossy.

Sounds nice! It would be cool to see pics of final product.

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