What flash would you recommend for XE1?

Started Nov 15, 2012 | Questions thread
OP pgilland Regular Member • Posts: 486
Re: What flash would you recommend for XE1?

The 560EX sounds like an interesting option, maybe for a out and about flash if needed.  Although I prefer natural light over flash when possible.

I'm actaually hoping that the EX1 will prove to be useful for my wedding and event photography.  I wouldn't feel comfortable with a flash as cheap as the 560EX for that I'm afraid.  Ofcourse, I would have back up, but I would rather have a couple more reliable flashes on hand.

Since I apparently could use my SB700 (I assume without TTL), should I really hang onto it, or can anyone vouch for the reliability if was to sell the SB700 in favor of a pair of Fuji EF-42's?

Personally I think I will go with the pair of EF-42 flashes, and sell the SB700.  I like the idea of sticking with flashes made by the brand.  Some have said the feel cheap, but really most flashes do to me anyway.  Any reason not to go ahead and do this?

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