Why is pic so dark?

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BAK wrote:

And we need him / her to tell us more.

Most ofthe thread makes no sense to me, the biggest exception being TomJD's comments about recycling time.

P is not a fill flash mode. The window and the white sweater are not problems. Spot metering is not going to affect flash results. The wine bottle / box in the foreground may be a problem, but I doubt it.

Either there's some camera or flash setting we were not told about, or as Tom says, the flash did not have time to charge, initially, or to recharge between shots.

WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: exhibit4 needs to tell us if this was a photgraph in a series, and if so, what the pictures before and after lookedlike. And in a perfect world, we'd learn the times the shots were taken, right down to the second.

AND EVERYONE who asks questions like this. Please take a second shot to confirm that the camera or flash is not working right.

Day after day, week after week, we get single shots, or sequences of similar shots, that are bad and are impossible to replicate.

Right now there's a bunch of pictures of a tree trunk illustrating focus problems. It's pretty much impossible to focus on a tree trunk in the lousy light of the example.


Sorry I went away, my user prefrences were set wrong, I assumed when I thanked everyone for their help & that I was going to practice with some more shots there would not be anymore comments. Here is a Dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/werp80a0o1t2aar/qAqDexC0fU to all the uneditted shots taken that night and a few from another night. I was going to call Canon and have them look at these shots while I was on the phone with them but showing these to you all will be better. All the shots were taken in ETTL with the camera set to "P" mode at 400 ISO, single shot, & evaluative metering. the exposures for all the shots were basically f/4-3.5 at 1/60 The Halloween shot was taken twice with the same out of focus/underexposed result, distance was 9 ft, flash should have sufficiently illuminated the kids and the IR should have helped with the focus. As for the "Wine Event" this was in a well lit car dealership, flash was at a 90 degree angle not bounced. Again the shots IMO should have been properly illuminated not fill flashed. As for the "Bar" shots again too dark  & one of the shots had to be re-taken because of being out of focus. Trying to figure out if I possible have a defectrive re-furbished unit or am I doing something wrong? Thanks everybody!

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