Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Underwater housing for RX100

Thanks to everyone for the detailed reviews of the various housings.

Quick question, does anyone really send their housings back to the manufacturer every year/200 dives for maintenance as recommended in the manual?  Seems like an expensive proposition.  Also, any ideas on best places to buy these housings (websites, etc)?  I am in CA and hoping to avoid sales tax if I can.

Also, any suggestions for the underwater flash accessory?  I am new to this and was hoping to just use the RX100 stock flash but it looks like that won't do the trick based on the feedback.  We will be diving in Hawaii in January so I expect things to be well lit and I was initially hoping not to have to spend much more than the $1000 or so for the housing.

Finally, do you think I will for sure need an additional lens as well?  I have seen the various ones mentioned above, and while I would likely pick something like that up in the future I am wondering how well the camera will perform in the housing without an additional lens?



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