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Marco Nero
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WHAT on EARTH...??????

utomo99 wrote:

Based on G1X review

I have some wish list for G2X (maybe they designing right now)

They are not working on a G2 at this time.

1. Use fast lens such as G15 lens 1.8-2.8

The G1X is actually a faster system than the G15 due to the MUCH larger 1.5" sensor coupled with larger, higher quality optical elements.  The larger sensor on the G1X means much more sensitivity in extremely low light... which is where an ultra fast lens is beneficial.  Put simply, the G1X takes a better picture in lowlight than the G15 can.

2. Improve the performance for all things

?????? ?????? ?????? ??????

3. Panorama

?????? I took some lovely panoramas last weekend with the G1X.

If you want the Sony method of pan-scan for panoramas, buy a Sony and enjoy the fresh hell that this will entail.

4. Better Auto ISO

?????? The G1X has the BEST Auto ISO I have ever used on a non-DSLR.

In fact, you said above that your comment was based on the DPreview review of the G1X... and that doesn't make sense because they list in the POSITIVE (Pros) section of their review  that the G1X has [quote] "Excellent high ISO performance, very clean output with good detail"

5. Better Battery life

?????? I get at least 400 shots on a single charge with a single battery and this includes time to review each picture on the LCD several times each.  In fact, with TWO batteries, I took over 2,000 pictures on a single day with the G1X.

6. Better Video

Why?  I mean, you want better video, you go buy a video camera.  Still-cameras like the G1X have an embargo on them so that as soon as they can record clips over a certain number of minutes or seconds in length, they have to be classified as video cameras and a new tarrif comes into effect.  This applies in the USA, the UK and Australia.

There's only ONE problem with the video from cameras like this: "Moire".

And moire is a problem on many good quality DSLRs too.

Did you mean that you wanted more control over the video features?  If so, this camera was designed to excell with still pictures, not video.  It was specifically released as a backup camera for DSLR users.  Which means it was never intended to be a specialised video camera.

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