Lightroom v 4.2 overheating my iMac

Started Nov 7, 2012 | Questions thread
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Late reply and big thankyou to all!

Hi All,

Sorry for the late reply on this forum. I greatly appreciate the positive feedback from all.

As mentioned in my OP I had intended to upgrade to the latest Imac in December when it is released here.

As I understand, the screens are still going to be glossy even though they will have 70% less reflection. I skipped a few generations of Imac due to the glossy screens and am not very keen on going with the new one now that I know it is also glossy. Although I will give Apple the benefit of the doubt and wait to actually see them in the shop before making a final call.

I thought the mac mini with a good quality matte screen would be a good option but it appears that the graphics card cannot be upgraded on these so that might rule out that option. The mac guy in the Apple store (Not a sales guy but the Mac expert) suggested that the Mac mini would probably not be suitable for my needs due to this reason.

Anyway. thanks again for the help. Cheers!

AllanW wrote:

Hi All,

I posted this in the Nikon section as well .......

I am using an old 2006 model Imac 2.16 with 3GB of RAM. Also, I am a long time LR and PS user and am currently using LR version 4.2 and CS6.

I installed LR v4.0 when it first came out and had no issues with it at all. I have processed large volumes of images from 5D2, D300, D700, D3S, D4 and D800 with no issue (albeit the D800 is a little slow on my iMac) and no overheating.

I recently upgraded the software to LR version 4.2 and now I am having severe issues with overheating. I have a heat monitor installed on my Imac. It typically runs at about 35 degrees but as soon as I open LR 4.2 the temp raises to around 50 degrees and my Imac starts to freeze up.

I don't even need to be in the develop module. It overheats in the Library module as well.

This seems to be an issue with LR4.2 only as I have no overheating issue with CS6 or CS5 and non with version 4.0. I can process images in Photoshop all day without an issue.

So, the questions are:

1. Is anyone else having a similar issue?

2. Any suggestions for a fix?

BTW, I do intend to upgrade my Imac but am waiting for the new units to come out in December before making a purchase. Unfortunately, I have a lot of processing to do between now and then.

Thanks in advance for any help you can throw my way.

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