Ricoh is really spoiling us

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Re: Ricoh is really spoiling us

Andrewteee wrote:

chrisnga wrote:

... and Thom Hogan (who really likes the Ricoh ergonomics and UI) mentioned that there is another module in the pipeline.

"Another module" won't cut it. Without an overhaul the GXR is zero competitive and will not fund itself. This is not a hobby for Ricoh - it's a business.

I think that you're right in a global market sense, but maybe not 100% right overall - I kind of view the GXR as a fixed lens high quality compact like the Leica X1/2 DP merrill and X100 - and only the X100 is currently cheaper than a GXR with APSC module, I think. They would all be great cameras to have for a long time. Seen like that, another module could be seen as being like bringing out a new camera as I think the back is still (at least nearly) as good as the other cameras I mentioned. For example a 35mm equivalent with olympus/Panasonic fast AF and the new m43 sony sensor would make it into an even better street/candid camera, even without a new back.

There are things I would like in a new back (the only essential thing for me would be phase detect sensors to speed up all modules' AF), although on sensor phase detection will probably have put paid to that idea. I can live without faster buffer or better EVF and in camera raw processing, even though they would all be good. Maybe having a slightly smaller back (a la Tom C) might be good, but I'm not too worried about that either.

Having said that, I wonder whether the GXR is still a hobby for Ricoh - a kind of showcase for design and quality rather for the Japanese market. They certainly don't seem to care about competing with the global market leaders (the nothing new at Photokina thing). Maybe that's why they make such great cameras to use.

Just a final thought - Ricoh would probably not make anything if they listened to every request on this forum!


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