That's just a snapshot.

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Re: That's just a snapshot.

So Brian, are you actually taking the pictures in order to get reactions from others?  It sounds like maybe that's the situation.  If it is the case, then you should maybe take a bit more care in what you shoot.  I use to take lots of animal pictures.  In the wild and in zoos and such.  I would then marvel that the gear I was using was able to record razor sharp detail in the animal's hair and/or skin.  It impressed the heck out of me, but few others got the same "high" experience.

Now I concentrate more on an animals actions or, yes, facial expression.  So I guess there might be a story there.  Things like..."what must be going through the mind of that critter?"  So maybe there's a little "story" in that.  I've never thought of it that way.

One thing I like to do is to leave my pictures (I make lots of prints of my work)on a table just to see how others react to them.  I do this with my wife all the time.  I bring home the prints, and have her look at them.  The speed at which she takes in looking through them, or any comments she makes while doing the same, is often an indication of what might be good, and what's not.

If you're shooting for yourself only, then it doesn't matter if there's any sort of other's reaction. But.....there's no denying it, we do like feedback now and then.  Just don't expect a whole lot to be said about the shot of blades of grass that does a great job of illustrating your gear's depth of field.  Most "common folk" don't care.

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