OK ALL YOU full frame camera fanatics

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Same thing for m4/3 users

I know what you mean.

I always liked the way Olympus was going with the 4/3 camera's and lenses. Aldo I didn't use more than a point an shoot camera at that time it interested me and I wanted a E-620 badly. When I bought a new camera because my P&S was broken I was attracted to Olympus. Went with m4/3 because there where almost no models of 4/3 camera's and the salesman was very enthusiastic about m4/3.

In real life I never have a problem with my gear. The sensor (12MP)is dated but works well enough for my needs. But every time a new and nice Olympus (or Panasonic) product is announced people who don't use (m)4/3 are whining about crop factor and multiplying everything by 2. So the new announced 17mm f/1.8 is in there eyes just a 34mm f/3.2. For DoF it stands correct but the light gathering is just 1.8 for a 4/3 sensor.

Bu hey, thats the sad thing about using non standard gear (canikon). The nice thing is that you have a great set and can enjoy it every day. Others can't see it because the like the nagging about equipment more than actually take pictures with it.

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