12 f2 made in china really tight to mount

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Re: 12 f2 made in china really tight to mount

micksh6 wrote:

Manufacturing is about process, equipment and quality control, which is also mostly process. Strict process reduces human factor to a minimum, so it doesn't matter where stuff is built.

FYI, Nikon 105mm F2.8 VR is an excellent lens that costs $900, and it also has been made in China for years. How does that correlate with your theory?

Never worked in lens manufacturing but I would imaging that the glass elements are ground outside China and the lens is assembled and tested in China.

It's not a theory, if we talking about manufacturing capability Japan, the US and western Europe can manufacture things that China simply can't even is they buy the same processing equipment (which never runs itself without support, even highly automated FMCG plant needs technical support). That comes from years of experience working in NPI of cutting edge products and working with manufacturing facilities in the US, UK, France, Sweden, Germany, India, Turkey, Mexico and China.

You can't manufacture many cutting edge, high precision, high endurance products in China at the moment. The products I stated are examples of that within automotive, there will be other examples from other industries. You can't manufacture them in China, the skill base is not currently there.

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