Retouching and having fun.

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Re: Retouching and having fun.

Mr Jam wrote:

I used to do a lot of composits before. One thing you want to consider in this image is that the lighting on the face is opposit of the background light. There is a dark shadow line on the right side of the face toward the highlight of the forest. If you either flip the forground or background then it will be a more convincing image when the bright side of the face is toward the background highlight.

I tried that with the background but it just looked as odd and I settled with this even though the lighting wasn't right,  I don't have much options when It comes to forest type backgrounds so I just made do with what I had. I also didn't want to flip him as some people can look a little odd when flipped (to there parents for example who see him all the time).
If I knew I was going to do this before hand, I'd have looked at what I had and light him appropriately but since it was just a bit of fun I just went with it but thank you for giving some advice, its always welcome

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