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Bryan Campbell wrote:

The Leica M8 and M8.2 are amazing cameras! In some ways better than the Leica M9.

I owned an M9 breifly, and I can tell you that while it's an amazing camera, the M8 / M8.2 is slightly sharper, enough to be noticable. However, you can get slightly better bokeh and a stop and a half better low light capability with the M9.

I think iso 160 has better results than anything I've seen out of the 5D, 5D2, or 5D3 quite frankly. I usually do what it takes to use that iso until it gets too dark. Recently I got the 50mm Summilux ASPH and it is in my opinion the best lens I've ever used by quite a bit. I think it's an excellent portrait lens on the M8 at 66mm but it would be more versatile on full frame. So I have my Leica M on reserve, however if the image quality is dissapointing on that camera I may keep the M8 instead or upgrade to the M8u or M8.2

Enjoy your camera and keep using it!

Hi Bryan,

i have the Summicron 50 and I always look on the Summilux. Would you rate the Summilux far over the Summicron. The Summilux is more than double the price than I paid for the Summicron. I find the rendering of the summicron quite nice and it is very sharp it has a real leica signature IMHO and does not look as clincal as the 28 asph. Have you owned the Summicron before?

What i don´t like from the Summicron is flare with the IR - Filter. I live 10 Kilometer away from Solms so testing the Lux could be my next drive.

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