Nikon D5200?

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Re: Nikon D5200?

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

I very much doubt a D5200 will bring much more to the D5100 than a 24mp sensor.
If that appeals then hang in there.

Personally I've lost interest in these models since the D3200 turned up, marketing v not much substance. It will be a hit for Nikon no doubt..but I don't want 24mp and it's too basic in other areas.

Im sure the D5200 will be a nice camera but the real problem is Nikon have boxed themselves into a corner.  The D5200 is basically the D5100 with a better sensor. The inevitable D5300 can't just reiterate the same thing and stay relevant, no matter how many megapixels it has.

I think it points to the fact that the D5200 is likely the last of a dying breed.

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