nikon 80-200 f 2.8 or sigma 70-200 f2.8

Started Nov 15, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Nikon 80-200 f 2.8 with latest 1.4TC - AF speed?

If your budget can handle it, I agree with the 70-200 VR1. It's optics are a tad better than the 80-200, it focuses faster and has VR.

(By the way, the camera does not slow down AF or the shutter speed with VR on as implied in another post; the secret is to engage the VR a half-sec or so before you activate the shutter to give it a chance to settle down, else the picture can soften a bit. I have done a lot of indoor sports with that lens, both with VR on and off. The VR is useful to reduce camera shake if you don't have a shutter speed of 1/FL or faster.)

I find the VR1 sharp even wide open, and the use of the 1.4x TC does not slow down AF. It is my favorite lens for indoor sports, plays, etc.

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